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Our Policy

This policy pertains only to and the pages located under that URL. External links may not have a similar privacy policy. It is the users responsibility to read the privacy policy of whatever page they happen to be on. That that in mind, we will never share your information with another company. See below for details and exceptions.

Information we gather

We collect and store personally identifiable information ONLY for the purpose of providing you with an estimate, and only then when you share it with us. We WILL NOT share, sell or otherwise transmit your information to anyone at all.

We do not use cookies to store any information about you or your computer. All information that we keep is provided solely by the user. We do not force the user to enable cookies in order to use our site to its fullest. We do not advertise on our site, so there is no one else to set cookies from our web site either.

We do not employ the use of Web Beacons or Web Bugs on our web site.

Email Policy

We WILL NOT share, sell or otherwise transmit your email address. We will use your provided email address only to contact you when you request that we do so.

We do not share, sell or otherwise transmit any information you have sent us in an email. We consider each and every email to us to be confidential. We do not use a Secure Socket to transmit mail, so we advise you to never send confidential information through our mail form! This includes personal information and financial information.

Other Information

We reserve the right to disclose your personal information if the law requires us to do so, OR to protect against the abuse/misuse of our website. We will protect our rights and property.

Lastly, we might change this privacy policy without notice. Any changes made to our policy will posted on this page immediately. If we ever decide to change our policy regarding your personal information, we will post the relevant information here (30) Thirty days prior to the change taking effect.

Warning and Disclaimer

Any information herein is given in good faith and is based upon accepted industry practices, our manufacturers' data and our own experience. This site's information and recommendations are considered current best practices. However, we cannot be held responsible for complete over or under estimates of material, technical or regulatory compliance as we cannot be aware of all the facts concerning a given roof and it's construction. These materials are very versatile in application and this site's contents cannot hope to be comprehensive enough to address every situation. If in doubt about any aspect or procedure, feel welcome you to contact us. Being a progressive company we reserve the right to alter specifications, recommendations, products or methods without notice. We hope that our RoofWrap Mobile Home Roof System will be of interest and benefit to you.