Product Descriptions and Specifications

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Tape Primer

Roofwrap Tape Primer is a solvent-based liquid cleaner and primer specially formulated to prepare the Roofwrap EPDM field membrane, as well as other surfaces, to enhance the bond of Roofwrap tape backed and caulking accessory products.

Product Benefits

Roofwrap Tape Primerís ability to ensure proper adhesion of Roofwrap flashing products is critical to the systemís trouble free longevity. The product is easily applied with the supplied application pad and dries quickly for efficient installation.

Packaging and Storage

Roofwrap Tape Primer is supplied in one-quart or one-gallon size containers, depending upon the job requirement.

When Tape Primer is stored in its unopened container, keep out of direct sunlight and at temperatures below 80 degrees F.

DOT Label Requirement: Flammable Liquid

Installation Instructions

Surfaces to be primed are Roofwrap EPDM field membrane and any other surfaces that will receive contact with any Roofwrap tape products, caulking or Tape Caulk. Use the supplied Roofwrap Tape Primer Application Pad to distribute the product onto the surface. When treating black EPDM, look for a solid black surface color with no streaking. Over white EPDM, the treated surface should exhibit a uniform, no streak, blue color. The primed area should be slightly larger than the surface area to be bonded. Do not continue using pads surfaces that become filled with surface talc. Spread the product onto the desired surface in a circular motion with enough firmness to scrub it clean.


Roofwrap Tape Primer is a flammable liquid.

Roofwrap Tape Primer contains ingredients that could be harmful if mishandled. Contact with skin and eyes should be avoided and necessary protective equipment and clothing should be worn. Roofwrap maintains availability of Material Safety Data Sheets on all of its products. These sheets contain health and safety information for your information on how to protect yourself from any potential hazards. Roofwrap Material Safety Data Sheets should be read and understood by all those using the products.

Technical Services

Contact RoofWrap at (206) 550 7336 for technical service information.


The statements provided concerning the material shown are intended as a guide for material usage and are believed to be true and accurate. No statement made by anyone may supersede this information, except when done in writing by RoofWrap. Since the manner of use is beyond our control, RoofWrap does not make nor does it authorize anyone to make any warranty of merchantability or fitness for any purpose or any other warranty, guarantee or representation, expressed or implied, concerning this material except that it conforms to RoofWraps physical properties. Buyer and user accept the product under these conditions and assume the risk of any failure, any injury of person or property (including that of the user), loss or liability resulting from the handling, storage or use of the product whether or not it is handled, stored or used in accordance with the directions or specifications. RoofWrap must be notified in writing of any claims and be given the opportunity to inspect the complaint or failure before repairs are made.

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