Product Descriptions and Specifications

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Bonding Adhesive

RoofWrap Bonding Adhesive is a synthetic rubber adhesive designed especially for the installation of fully or hybrid adhered RoofWrap EPDM roof membrane systems and flashings.

Basic Uses

RoofWrap Bonding Adhesive is used to bond EPDM single ply membranes to insulation board, metal, wood, and other various substrates. May be used on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Product Benefits

Liquid Properties

Typical liquid Properties at 77F*

Base Polymer: Neoprene
Color: Amber
Solids, %: 25%
Solvents: Ketone, Toluene, Aliphatic Hydrocarbon, Xylene
Specific Gravity: 0.87
Pounds per Gallon: 7.08 (3.2Kg)
Viscosity, Brookfield RVT, Spindle No. 3 at 20 rpm: 2500 cps
Estimated Coverage: 60 sq ft/gal (finished)

*Typical Values: Based on material tested in our laboratories but variable from sample to sample. Typical values should not be construed as a guaranteed analysis of any specific lot or as specification items.

DOT Label Required

Flammable Liquid

Application Instructions

Materials to be bonded should be clean, dry, and free from contaminates. Stir adhesive thoroughly before use. Apply adhesive by roller to the substrate and membrane at the specified coverage rate of 60 sq. ft. per gallon (finished coverage) or 120 sq. ft. per gallon on each surface. Allow to dry 15 to 30 minutes before assembly. Mate with adequate pressure to ensure contact of all bonding areas. See RoofWrap Installation Guide for complete application procedures.

Recommended Handling

RoofWrap Bonding Adhesive contains ingredients, which could be harmful if mishandled. Contact with skin and eyes should be avoided and necessary protective equipment and clothing should be worn.

RoofWrap maintains Material Safety Data Sheets on all of its products. Material Safety Data Sheets contain health and safety information for your development of appropriate product handling procedures to protect those in contact with the product. Our material Safety Data Sheets should be read and understood by all before using RoofWrap products on your structure.

Recommended Storage

RoofWrap Bonding Adhesive should be stored in a closed container between 60 F and 80 F for no longer than one year. Rotate stock.

Technical Services

Contact RoofWrap at (206) 550 7336 for technical service information.


The statements provided concerning the material shown are intended as a guide for material usage and are believed to be true and accurate. No statement made by anyone may supersede this information, except when done in writing by RoofWrap. Since the manner of use is beyond our control, RoofWrap does not make nor does it authorize anyone to make any warranty of merchantability or fitness for any purpose or any other warranty, guarantee or representation, expressed or implied, concerning this material except that it conforms to RoofWraps physical properties. Buyer and user accept the product under these conditions and assume the risk of any failure, any injury of person or property (including that of the user), loss or liability resulting from the handling, storage or use of the product whether or not it is handled, stored or used in accordance with the directions or specifications. RoofWrap must be notified in writing of any claims and be given the opportunity to inspect the complaint or failure before repairs are made.

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