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Standard Black EPDM Membrane

RoofWrap Standard Black EPDM is a high performance non-reinforced rubber membrane that stands up to tearing, impacts, punctures and normal roof traffic. The elastomeric properties of the EPDM membrane compensate for thermal shock and building movement. EPDM membranes provide excellent resistance to ozone and aging. The membrane is manufactured in accordance with the guidelines established by the RMA (Rubber Manufacturers Association) and meets all government specifications as well as the ASTM Standard Specification D-4637.


Roll sizes for .045" Standard Black EPDM membranes are sold in widths of 11', 13', 15' and 17' (shorter and wider widths are special order) and custom cut to length to fit with sufficient perimeter overhang for attachment over the perimeter edge.

Basic Uses

Can be installed as a new elastomeric roofing membrane in Standard, Hybrid Attached and Fully Adhered roofing systems.

Code Approvals

The Standard EPDM membrane may be provided with UL and FM labels. Both UL and FM classified assemblies are available (FM 1-60 and 1-90, UL Class A, B and C).

System benefits

System Accessories

A full line of accessories is available from RoofWrap including bonding adhesives, in-seam tapes, membrane attachment tapes, flashing tapes, tape primer, lap sealants, pre-fabricated pipe and vent flashings, termination bar and fasteners.

Typical Physical Properties

Physical PropertiesTest MethodStandardsTypical Values
Tolerance on Nominal Thickness, %ASTM D-4121010
Tensile Strength, min, psi(Mpa)ASTM D-4121305 (9)1460(10.1)
Elongation, Ultimate, min, %ASTM D-412350420
Tear Resistance, min, lbf/in (kN/m)ASTM D-624 (Die C)150(26.3)185(32.4)
Factory Seam Strength, min.ASTM D-816 ModifiedMembrane RuptureMembrane Rupture
Resistance to Heat AgingASTM D-573  
Properties after 4 weeks @ 240oF(116oC) Tensile Strength, min, psi(MPa)ASTM D-4121200(8.3)1400(9.7)
Elongation, Ultimate, min, %ASTM D-412200200
Tear Resistance, min,lbf/in(kN/m)ASTM D-624125(21.9)185(32.4)
Linear Dimensional Change, max, %ASTM D-12042-0.5
Ozone ResistanceASTM D-1149No CracksNo Cracks
Conditions after exposure 110 pphm   
Ozone in air for 168 hrs @ 104F(40C) Specimen is at 50% strain   
Brittleness Temp., max. deg. F (deg.C)ASTM D-746-75 (-59)-75(-59)
Resistance to Water AbsorptionASTM D-47143.6
After 7 days immersion @ 158F (70C), Change in mass, max, %   
Water Vapor Permeability*ASTM E-962.02.0
max, perm-mils(Proc. B or BW)  
Resistance to Outdoor (Ultraviolet)
Weathering Xenon-Arc, 4000 hrs.
exposure, 176oF (80oC) black panel temperature
ASTM G-26No CracksNo Cracks
Sheet CompositionASTM D-297  
Weight percent of polymer that is EPDM, min, % 100100
Weight percent of sheet that is EPDM polymer, min, % 3030

*Not a Quality Control Test due to the time required for the test or the complexity of the test. However, all tests run on a statistical basis to ensure overall long-term performance of the sheeting.

Technical Services

Contact RoofWrap at (206) 550 7336 for technical service information.


The statements provided concerning the material shown are intended as a guide for material usage and are believed to be true and accurate. No statement made by anyone may supersede this information, except when done in writing by RoofWrap. Since the manner of use is beyond our control, RoofWrap does not make nor does it authorize anyone to make any warranty of merchantability or fitness for any purpose or any other warranty, guarantee or representation, expressed or implied, concerning this material except that it conforms to RoofWraps physical properties. Buyer and user accept the product under these conditions and assume the risk of any failure, any injury of person or property (including that of the user), loss or liability resulting from the handling, storage or use of the product whether or not it is handled, stored or used in accordance with the directions or specifications. RoofWrap must be notified in writing of any claims and be given the opportunity to inspect the complaint or failure before repairs are made.

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