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Please enter all information accurately - do not estimate or guess! The RoofWrap kit will be built and priced precisely to your specific input. In order to avoid providing too much or too little product, take some time to give us the correct information.

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Double Wide:

Please contact RoofWrap Sales Department for quotations involving Triple Wide homes.

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If you require additional material for a Tip Out (an additional roof area attached to the structure), please enter the dimensions here. Calculator automatically adds $0.90 per square foot for Black EPDM or $1.80 per square foot for White EPDM. Your Tip Out color is determined by the color of roof you select.

Tip out Length, edge to edge:

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Extra Information and Definitions

Single or Double Wide: The design of your home is usually defined as single or double wide. Please contact us if you are unsure of the design of your home. We will gladly help you ascertain which form your home is.