Mobile Home Roofing By RoofWrap

Mobile Home Roofing

A Proven Product

RoofWrap Mobile Home Roofing Systems are simple, tried and true roofing systems using a single, seamless, EPDM rubber membrane that fits right over your existing roof. There is no other source that provides you with such a complete, custom package of top quality, proven components at such an affordable price.

To make the buying and installation process easy, very affordable and cost effective, we assemble for you a complete, customized kit that includes everything you will need for your specific home's roof in its geographical location. We also offer free, unlimited installation consultation.

More often than not, the owner and/or a few friends or family members choose to install the RoofWrap system. Singlewides can be done in less than one day. No special tools or skills are required for installation. Should you elect not to self-install, most any local handyman, carpenter or small home improvement contractor can handle the project. Roofwrap is the only source that offers these materials all conveniently supplied in one, easily purchased package. We have 17 shipping points across the North America. This allows us to save you on long distance transportation costs. We strive to assure a maximum of the money you spend on your roof will go into the roofing material itself, not extraneous costs that add nothing to the value, quality and longevity of your roof.

Mobile Home Roofing

Experience and Integrity

RoofWrap combines over forty years of hands on experience in residential roofing material supply and over 20 years in the supply of EPDM rubber roofing for use on mobile homes. This long term involvement has allowed us to fine tune the systems we offer. We are committed to the use of one-piece, seamless RoofWrap EPDM sheets as the best choice for retrofitting over existing mobile home roofs. We like the idea of offering a product that doesn't have the limited service life and risk of peeling and cracking like expensive coatings. Nothing can beat the ability of RoofWrap EPDM to naturally stretch and flex with the movements of the mobile home roof. We have seen the benefits of water base adhesives, self-adhesive sealant and flashing tapes that simplify and improve waterproofing integrity. Finally, RoofWrap's EPDM type is the leading recycled low slope roofing material in North America. The end result is that we have developed the most cost effective and longest lasting systems in today's market.

What else we do for you!

We are here to help you with building your kit, supplying your order in a timely manner and assisting you with support during the installation. Feedback from previous customers let us know that we have the solution mobile home owners are seeking. Join satisfied RoofWrap clients across North America and solve your roofing problems once and for all ... at a price that makes big sense.

Why can RoofWrap EPDM be trusted to perform?

RoofWrap's EPDM has been successfully manufactured in the USA since the early 1960's. This same material has been a leading choice for commercial, industrial and institutional roofs for over fifty years. RoofWrap has taken this proven product and made the benefits available for affordable use on a mobile home roof. What's more, we have selected the accessory components that we know work well with EPDM and in the hands of homeowners as well as contractors. It is simple to purchase and easily installed.

Find out how affordable your custom RoofWrap system will be.

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